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Creating the right solution – whatever the topic

We have designed training interventions and products covering a wide variety of topics and target audiences.

We’re not fazed if the content provided is ‘difficult’. Many of our projects require us to work with challenging content that is highly technical, complex, difficult, sensitive or specialist. Our ability to do this well is a testament to the quality of the learning designers we use and their ability to work collaboratively with subject matter experts to transpose their knowledge and experience into effective and engaging learning material.

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Compliance e-Learning

If training is required by law, it needs to be effective

Contracts and procurement

Strong procurement and contract management practices are a vital business tool


We give modern educators the tools to wow their learning audiences

Environmental awareness

Inspiring training audiences to protect our home, planet earth

Equality and diversity

When workplaces are inclusive and respectful, all employees thrive

Finance skills

Good financial training promotes competitiveness, resilience and ethical practice

Fraud prevention

Security practices must evolve to meet modern risks and challenges

Health and safety training

Health and safety doesn’t have to be a chore

Health and social care

Empowering providers to deliver excellent care


Building vital skills to help save lives


Induction is a crucial opportunity to establish a positive employee-employer relationship

Information governance/data protection

We can help to make sure your data is always an asset; not a headache

IT and technical skills

Let users get to know your digital systems in a safe environment

Life skills/basic skills

Helping learners to overcome everyday challenges

Management and leadership

Few people are born leaders. We can help you to create them

Recruitment/career development

Creating career opportunities and improving performance


Do your staff know how to keep vulnerable people safe?

Sales and customer service

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Positive customer experiences are vital to your organisation’s success

Security and counter-terrorism

Vital work to keep our communities safe from harm

Technical/specialist skills

Digital learning can bring tools of the trade to life

Transport, logistics and driving skills

We help learners to go places

Travel and travel safety

Good training can make travel safe and stress-free