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From a simple talking head through to full-blown drama

Walkgrove’s experience in designing award-winning learning solutions includes developing powerful video-based learning tools. Videos can work as a standalone resource or as a component of an e-learning, classroom, or blended learning solution.

We can make all our videos easily accessible across different devices such as smartphones and tablets and facilitate learning on the move. What could video add to your learning?

Variety and enjoyment: The Walkgrove team is expert at combining dynamic visuals, music and voiceover to make creative videos that appeal to all learning styles. When woven into online or face-to-face training materials, our attention-grabbing videos keep your learning audience engaged.

Dramatic storytelling: Videos can tell compelling stories or describe experiences of colleagues, customers or beneficiaries in the first person. Used as a dramatic tool, video can activate a drive to learn. Video storytelling can introduce new topics within a course, illustrate the human side of key learning points, or deliver an exciting trailer for the launch of a new initiative.

Realistic scenarios: Walkgrove is experienced in building video-based case studies and integrating video into realistic simulations. We create immersive experiences that facilitate deep learning using actors or virtual characters in real or simulated spaces. Video-based scenarios give learners the chance to practise applying their knowledge and skills in a safe environment.

Message from the top: Most people working in larger organisations rarely engage on a day to day basis with top management. It can therefore be powerful to use a short, incisive piece to camera from a CEO to welcome new staff, introduce change, deliver good news or promote corporate values. It underlines the importance of the message to the business and sets the tone of the learning which follows.

Practical demonstrations: From software demos to interpersonal skills training, short video snippets are ideal for practical demonstrations of key learning points. They can be included as part of bespoke e-learning or blended learning solutions, as primers before further training or short learning refreshers.

Microlearning tools: Walkgrove also creates videos that are designed to be deployed as standalone tools for easily digestible learning. Microlearning videos are a quick-burst training solution that is ideal for modern learners operating in a fast-paced environment.