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Transport and logistics industries are experiencing profound transformation, with all transport and business types being impacted

Customer expectations have changed dramatically, particularly regarding customer service interaction and speed of delivery. E-commerce and global trade in goods have radically changed the scale and pattern of demand and firms must have the flexibility to respond. Recruitment of drivers and other transport operators also remains a serious issue for the future, making it a priority to invest in professional development.

Integrating the latest technology into operations presents huge opportunities for the transportation and logistics sector regarding improved customer service, better safety and environmental outcomes, more efficient operations, new driver skills and streamlined driver performance management. Training employees on new systems and processes is essential.

Walkgrove offers industry-leading expertise in designing learning solutions suitable for workers in the transport, logistics and driving sectors. Through rigorous assessments of training needs and collaborating closely with our clients, we create bespoke e-learning and blended learning designs that grab the attention of a busy workforce. From immersive driver simulations to practical introductions of new shipment systems, our skilled designers produce impactful training interventions that deliver rapid learning gains.

Our clients in this sector

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Examples of our work

Heathrow Airport – Sustainability

Light-touch learning to embed sustainability strategy

Heathrow Airport – Environmental management

Practical actions to address environmental impacts

Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) – Foundations of Health and Wellbeing in Rail

A comprehensive and engaging suite of elearning modules to support mental and physical wellbeing of employees in the rail work environment

Transport for London – TruckSmart

Immersive learning to teach vehicle roadworthiness skills

TTC Group – Driver Protect

Large suite of road safety modules and videos

Transport for London – Smart deliveries

Immersive training for professional drivers on parking and loading best practice