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The vast majority of adults use email and text to communicate on a daily basis. Nearly all modern employees will be familiar with using a digital device like a smartphone or laptop. Even though IT has become mainstream, offering technology training in the workplace is still important. Without the skills to use relevant software and digital tools appropriately at work, employees will be less efficient – and they may even put your organisation at risk.

Here are three key benefits of IT training:

1. Improved productivity. Technology can be a great time-saver when used effectively. It can also be a huge drain if workers have to wrestle to use essential software tools for editing text, calculating figures or sending emails.  A recent survey showed that ‘employees could be losing more than two work weeks each year’ due to IT related issues. (Half, 2016).  Training workers to make the most of IT tools will help them to spend less time troubleshooting and more time on purposeful working tasks. This improved productivity will save your organisation money and time.

2. Higher worker confidence. Individuals who struggle to use basic office software may experience frustration or a sense of failure, undermining their self-esteem and job satisfaction. Equipping your workforce with practical IT knowledge can help to maintain a more confident and happy team, promoting better performance and reducing employee turnover.

3. A safer workplace. Cyber security should be a priority for all modern organisations who need to protect their reputation and assets against cyber attacks and data breaches. Employees can be the most valuable resource in managing cyber risks, but only if they are trained to practise secure use of technology such as email, social media and web applications.

The digital nature of training through e-learning makes it an ideal format for upskilling your team on IT. Walkgrove’s high-quality portfolio of off-the-shelf IT courses maximise the potential of modern e-learning technology and promote deep learning via sophisticated software simulations, immersive challenges and practical computer-based exercises.

Our range covers cyber security essentials and helps build learner proficiency in using everyday workplace software, including Windows and the Microsoft Office suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access. The concise and targeted e-learning courses focus on key IT skills, helping to build knowledge and confidence quickly.

To find out about our range of Ready to Go generic IT e-learning, email Walkgrove at info@walkgrove.co.uk or call +44(0)1773 864640

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