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The one major erroneous assumption in Quality Assurance is that it only takes place at the end of a project.  Quality Assurance is involved from the conception of the idea all the way through to the delivered product and beyond. At Walkgrove we understand the importance of quality and the need to implement it early on. If we can ensure quality and by extension efficiency throughout design, development and implementation of the product, we can more easily deliver something that fits, if not exceeds, the client’s needs in a timescale that is as short as possible without compromising on quality.

By working with managers and directors, Quality Assurance can help deliver policies and procedures that govern how we operate throughout the business to ensure quality and efficiency. By regularly meeting and discussing how we might improve our procedures, Walkgrove ensures that in depth testing and auditing is included throughout the business, allowing us to ensure current levels of quality and improvements where possible.

 I work closely with the project managers and developers throughout the development of the courses and products, to ensure that we can identify any gaps or areas for improvement early on. What this means for the final product is that the end quality is improved because we have more time to enhance individual aspects.

Quality Assurance is an ever expanding field with new procedures and software to accompany the role all of the time. It is important to Walkgrove to ensure we maintain the highest level of Quality Assurance we can, so that we can continue delivering high level, in depth, fit for purpose courses for our clients.

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