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  • Focus: they are goal-oriented, manage time well and articulate their opinions confidently
  • Communication know-how: they can navigate tricky conversations, listen well and build rapport with others
  • The art of persuasion: they are skilled influencers and negotiators and achieve their goals by bringing people round to their way of thinking
  • Leadership: effective managers use motivation and reward to get the best out of others
  • Team-working: they can build and sustain cooperative networks
  • Efficient collaboration: they hold meetings that are well-directed and productive
  • Charisma: they know how to present ideas so that other people pay attention

Developing these skills is essential for individuals who are starting out in a management role or who have leadership aspirations. Walkgrove’s Ready to Go fundamentals e-learning range has been carefully crafted as an off the shelf solution that helps this busy audience learn the core techniques of management.

Fundamentals modules are fast-paced, interactive bursts of learning that can be accessed easily on mobile, tablet or desktop devices. Each topic lasts between 10 and 20 minutes and spotlights a tool that helps with effective communication, influencing, time management, leadership or team development.

The focus is on practical skills-building and providing learners with the basics they need to start making an immediate positive change to their working life. Topics include:

  • What first? – The art of prioritisation
  • I like talking to you – Five top tips for rapport-building
  • Tug of war – The principles of successful change management
  • Let Stan do it – An introduction to deciding when, what and how to delegate
  • Minutes matter – The essentials of effective minute-taking
  • On the edge of their seats – A guide to brilliant presentation delivery

See our full range of modules here or browse our generic courses here.

Fundamentals courses are enjoyable, using a light-hearted approach and a quirky set of modelling clay-style characters who illustrate examples, mini-case studies and scenarios. This character-based approach makes the learning experience fun and helps learners in all sectors relate to the content. Whether they work in an office, factory, lab or school, the Ready to Go fundamentals range of generic e-learning is deliberately sector-neutral and relevant for learners in all types of workplace.

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