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In a new Svelte LMS review for 2021 by David Patterson over at the e-learning consultancy and market analysts, Learning Light, our platform won a great deal of praise for its security, pricing, and modern feature set. 


Back in 2018, a previous review by David recommended Svelte for its multi-tenancy and multilingual capabilities in particular. 

Our learning management system has come on a lot since then and continues to evolve with the latest technologies, and greater emphasis on mobile accessibility. 

As the name suggests, Svelte is designed to be lean and simple, without a superfluous array of options that can overwhelm learners, as well as the L&D team. Instead, you can start with a stripped back LMS where additional options can be added if you want them. 

Describing Svelte as “Feature-Rich and Secure, Yet Streamlined” gave a nod to this fact, commenting “It has lost nothing of its elegance or slenderness”, whilst adding, “Svelte has incorporated some nice new features and enhanced the security of the site as a result of its amazing successes with public facing learning projects.

David went on to praise the new Learning Journey and Gamification functionality that makes it easy to create assessments and quizzes. 

He also commented on how multi-tenancy and language capabilities have been further enhanced: 

Svelte can offer multi-layered, multi-tenancy solutions with multiple languages all managed from the master instance. Forty tenancies with sub-tenancies are not a problem to Svelte, together with custom domain URLs for each different country

The Svelte LMS now has full Microsoft Teams integration and e-commerce capabilities via PayPal or Stripe. These and more integrations can work via single sign on (SSO). 

Whilst Svelte’s capabilities have grown considerably over the last three years, the price tag certainly hasn’t, and David also drew attention to our pricing model that makes Svelte a great option for SMEs, as well as corporates:

… a very low-cost price point agreed for learner usage, which is reviewed annually up or down accordingly.

Svelte certainly is not an LMS that will penalise you for success. “

We were delighted with the feedback from Learning Light’s Svelte LMS review, as we have been working hard to make this the best learning management system for a wide range of training needs. 

Take a look at the Svelte LMS page to learn more or feel free to contact us for a chat about your own e-learning requirements. 

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