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New performance management modules packed with the latest tips and tricks

We know that managing teams to perform in the modern world presents a whole host of challenges. For most of us, the covid-19 pandemic has caused extreme disruption to some, if not all, aspects of our working lives.

However and wherever they work, every member of staff needs to feel well supported to excel in their roles, in order to sustain both individual and organisational wellbeing.

Building on the success of our well-established portfolio of courses designed to promote a performance culture, this winter we’re launching a fully refreshed bundle of performance management modules.

Our new training will offer managers effective guidance for supporting their team through the whole employee lifecycle, including recruitment, appraisals, development and grievances.

What’s new?

  • Rapid learning: Discover a host of skills-boosters in new ‘Take 5’ micro-modules on mentoring and support techniques, customer service tools, performance management basics and team communication essentials.
  • Renewed relevance: All modules in the performance management range have been revised and fine-tuned to ensure they’re highly relevant for modern working and offer your users a hyper-contemporary learning experience.
  • Fresh content: Explore brand new short courses on effective communication, employee and customer relations and the performance management lifecycle that provide learners with the chance to develop and practise relevant skills.
  • Learning on the move: The new performance management bundle has been re-optimised for learning via smartphones and tablets as well as desktops, offering your learners greater flexibility with when and where they choose to study.
  • Certification: All courses now carry full accreditation by the national CPD Certification Service, so you can be confident that courses will help your learners to have effective professional development.

Courses available for purchase now as part of the bundle include:

  • Who is your customer? 5-minute knowledge-booster
  • Having difficult conversations: short course
  • Being an active listener: 5-minute knowledge-booster
  • Providing great customer service: short course
  • Writing effectively: 5-minute knowledge-booster

The rest of our updated performance management bundle will be on rolling release throughout the end of 2020 and into early 2021.

Keep an eye out for what’s new in our off-the-shelf course library!

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