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Vital work to keep our communities safe from harm

From terrorism to environmental disaster, modern threats to public safety are complex and wide-ranging. Counter-measures must be vigorous and robust in order to address today’s serious security challenges.

Walkgrove has developed award-winning and comprehensive training for specialist security and crime investigation work, as well as bespoke e-learning on security procedures for international organisations in a wide range of sectors.

Whether the topic is prevention or detection, incident response or reporting, our solutions offer clear, no-nonsense guidance to essential security practices.

We have produced blended and online security training modules for thousands of diverse learners. Through bold storytelling, high-impact examples and media-rich case studies, we achieve a high level of learner engagement and awareness of critical security issues.

We believe that ‘learning by doing’ is a highly effective tool for creating safety-conscious habits. Walkgrove’s security and counter-terrorism e-learning modules therefore involve sophisticated challenge-based simulations and interactive scenarios where learners can practise dealing with real-world security threats and incidents in a safe and controlled environment.

If you are interested in generic modules, click here to browse our off the shelf courses or download our PDF here.

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Examples of our work

DWP – Criminal investigation and security

Criminal investigation and security training

International Monetary Fund (IMF) – Security awareness

Updating IMF’s existing online, mandatory security course

Maiden Voyage – Female travel safety

Five online courses providing tips and advice to keep female business travellers safe

Foreign & Commonwealth Office - Security awareness

Scenario-based blended program highlighting security procedures for FCO staff

Home Office - Business continuity

E-learning module to raise awareness of business continuity for all 3,500 staff