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Do your staff know how to keep vulnerable people safe?

If your team members interact with people who may be at risk of harm, abuse, or neglect, then they need safeguarding training. Safeguarding involves using processes and practices to protect the rights and safety of children, young people and vulnerable adults.

Walkgrove takes a sensitive and empowering approach to safeguarding training and will ensure that your team feels educated and confident to comply with regulations and deal appropriately with any difficult situations. Using compelling examples and clear presentation, we can engage learner emotions on safeguarding topics and help to promote cultural shifts towards safer behaviours and attitudes.

Learning about safeguarding is relevant for any employee who engages with the public, whether or not they work directly with vulnerable people. Our team of learning designers can build relevant, bespoke and essential safeguarding training for any role that your organisation needs.

If you are interested in generic modules, click here to browse our off the shelf courses or download our health and safety pdf.

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Examples of our work

British Council – Adult safeguarding

Practical safeguarding guidance for global teams

NGA Safeguarding: how to fulfil the school governance role

A bespoke 60-minute module for governors, trustees and clerks of state schools

Marine Society and Sea Cadets – Safeguarding

Interactive case studies to embed child protection into everyday practice

Maximus – Safeguarding

Practical steps to protect children and vulnerable adults

British Council - Child protection

Three highly engaging safeguarding e-learning courses aimed at all British Council staff

Wiltshire County Council - Safeguarding for drivers

Scenario-based training on child protection skills