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Hiring is essential to every company’s success, so the recruitment sector is large and vital

However, the industry has a history of talent retention issues and investment in professional development opportunities makes commercial sense for firms in an ultra-competitive market. Recruitment models have also changed substantially and the industry needs to constantly look ahead in order to continue its growth.

Leading recruitment companies are increasingly using digital technology to help improve efficiency. The industry is integrating automation into hiring processes and using data analytics to identify prospective candidates and measure success.

In a complex recruitment landscape, firms must optimise their use of social, email and other digital media channels to promote client brands and opportunities. However, recruitment is significantly impacted by data privacy legislation and businesses have to ensure regulatory compliance in all their marketing.

Walkgrove’s high-quality e-learning is an ideal way to develop new employee skills and introduce new systems in a fast-paced recruitment environment. We provide our clients with forward-thinking, creative and mobile-friendly bespoke training solutions that captivate even the busiest of audiences, ensuring that workers are performing to their potential.

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Examples of our work

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15 modules covering business skills

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Helping teams in employment services to maintain performance standards

Maximus – Progress to success

Helping employment consultants to understand service delivery expectations

Maximus – WorkQWEST

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