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We have a brand-new Diversity and Inclusion collection helping to promote a diverse and inclusive culture within UK and global organisations.

Our brand-new courses will replace our existing equality and diversity modules with fresh and up to date content. The new courses come in various formats including immersive learning, detailed studies and microlearning.

Available in our Compliance and Performance management suites or, as a stand-alone collection, our new topics include:

  • Communicating with care
  • Disability inclusion
  • Gender equality
  • Gender identity
  • How to be an ally
  • Implementing reasonable adjustments
  • Implementing reasonable adjustments for students
  • Introduction to UK Equality legislation (for employees)
  • Introduction to UK Equality legislation (for managers)
  • Introducing Equality Impact Assessments
  • Microaggressions in the workplace
  • Promoting diversity and inclusion
  • Racism in the workplace
  • Recruitment and selection essentials
  • Sexual harassment
  • Sexual orientation
  • The public sector equality duty
  • What is unconscious bias

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