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Professional bodies and regulatory organisations fulfill vital social and economic functions, protecting the welfare of the public and their professional members

Whether an organisation provides scrutiny, support, or both, it must be seen to act with consistency, fairness and transparency.

Many industries are confronting profound changes as a result of complex political developments, globalised competition and emerging technologies. Working practices are shifting and legislation of businesses and public services continue to evolve, as do public expectations.

The digital era heralds great opportunities for regulatory and professional bodies, who can now use data to gain unprecedented insights into industry needs and practices.

Regulators and professional bodies must continuously adapt their systems, processes and services in order to meet modern challenges. Effective training provision for all staff members is essential to deliver on these needs and Walkgrove has the expertise to help organisations roll out targeted training programmes that can engage all employees and keep them up to speed. We can also help professional organisations make the most of digital connectivity and expand the online learning opportunities that they offer their members.

Our clients in this sector

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Examples of our work

Collaborative Working (ISO44001)

Best practices for ISO 44001 accreditation

Rail Safety Standards Board (RSSB) – Non-technical skills for non-driver roles

A blended solution creating new supplementary training materials for non-dirver roles

Ofcom – Counter fraud and anti-bribery

Mandatory counter fraud and anti-bribery training for all Ofcom staff

MHRA – Strengthening Collaboration for Operating Pharmacovigilance in Europe (SCOPE)

A blend of e-learning, case studies, assessments, interactive pdfs, posters etc

Sport England – Performance management

Performance management training for line managers and staff

Ofcom – Health and safety

Health, safety and wellbeing awareness training for all Ofcom staff