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Step into the jungle and meet our team

We have a team of staff with responsibilities for marketing and business development, customer care, project management and quality assurance including editorial control and testing. We also have our own creative design and development team comprising solutions consultants, instructional designers, copywriters and graphic artists and developers.

Together, they create training and communication solutions using a range of modern media, often in a blend, including, e-learning, mobile or other digital content, classroom-based and informal interventions. You can read about some of our solutions by visiting our case study page here. 

To deliver our contracts, we construct scalable, multi-disciplined teams of creative and experienced learning specialists, incorporating an appropriate mix of the following disciplines/roles according to the specific needs of the job in hand.

Contract managers

The contract manager will always be a Walkgrove director. Their principal role is to ensure that all legal and contractual obligations are met in full and that the services provided are clearly defined and delivered with due care, skill and diligence. The contract manager works in close partnership with the project manager on a day-to-day basis so that they can provide project management coverage if necessary.

Project managers

We always assign a dedicated project manager, irrespective of project type, size and scope. With a minimum of five years’ experience of managing bespoke learning and communication projects, the project manager is the principal point of contact for the client team. The project manager’s job is to oversee the project from cost, time and quality perspectives, whilst at all times, ensuring that the client is up to speed in terms of project status and progress.

Solutions consultants

If you need help with defining your solution, we can provide a solutions consultant to work with you. Our solutions consultants are qualified and experienced and can also help with more strategic activities such as feasibility studies, developing a business case, competency frameworks, training needs analysis, media selection, blend specification, technical specifications, scoping, estimating and evaluating.

Instructional designers

We construct teams of instructional designers and can scale appropriately depending on project requirements in terms of size, complexity and timescale. We have a number of in-house designers but also have access to many more via our own database, so we’re able to select designers with the skills and experience to match project requirements most appropriately…


This is an important quality assurance role which is often overlooked! We always assign a qualified copyeditor to review and edit everything we do, applying our clients’ corporate guidelines with respect to punctuation, writing style and tone of voice.

Graphic artists and animators

The look and feel of any training solution is clearly important and is something we consider carefully with the client during the initial phases of development. Because we employ a mixed economy of internal and external resources, we have many graphic designers available to us. This enables us to adopt a wide range of graphical styles and creative approaches to suit the culture of the client organisation, the project and the target audience, ensuring that we adhere fully to the clients’ branding guidelines at all times.

Video and audio producers

Many of our solutions incorporate professionally produced audio narration and video ranging from simple ‘talking-head’ style through to fully dramatised productions featuring professional voiceover artists, actors and presenters. We have established partnerships with a number of professional production companies, enabling us to match the most appropriate production team to the client’s specific requirements.

Digital developers

We do not ‘impose’ any particular style of delivery, tool or technology when we design our digital solutions. We are able to offer a range of development options and we work with our clients to select an approach and tools that are most appropriate to their specific technical requirements, those of the target audience(s) and their delivery platforms…

Technical testers

E-learning and digital testing activities are always undertaken by staff that have not been involved in the programming/development of the material. This ensures an objective test. We test against a defined specification with respect to devices, operating systems and browsers.

Copywriters and marketeers

Many of our clients ask us to develop marketing campaigns and collateral to support their training or communication initiatives. This might involve the design and development of digital advertorials, email campaigns, social media posts or other digital components as well as more conventional devices such as posters and branded promotional items. The design of this type of material demands a specific skill and writing style and we have a number of specialists that we use – both internal and external.


In addition to our permanent creative staff, we have a network of over 300 freelance associates. Some of whom have been working for Walkgrove, albeit on a contract basis, for over 20 years. Typically, at any one time, we are employing 30 to 40 of them either individually or in teams, on the many and various projects we undertake.


We routinely create learning and communication content in multiple languages, and can provide a full translation service if required. We have established partnerships with selected professional translation companies which enables us to provide a seamless, one-stop-shop service. To date, we have experience with over 30 languages.