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The design and development of bespoke learning solutions is a creative and iterative process. Success requires the synergy of highly skilled and talented people, working well together as a team

We’re a creative bunch here at Walkgrove – but it’s no good simply locking those people in a room and expecting something wonderful to appear, as if by magic, on go-live day.

So, process is important too.

Conventional (ADDIE) approach
Most of our clients prefer an approach based on ADDIE, which is generally regarded to be the traditional linear approach to content development and comprises a step-by-step process (analyse, design, develop, implement, and evaluate). Our interpretation of this approach is modular, flexible and adaptable so that it can be tailored to dovetail with the client’s own development processes, methodologies and QA systems.
Agile learning design (ADL)
The need for organisations to develop and deploy content quickly means that this approach is becoming increasingly popular.

Whilst the traditional ADDIE based approach focuses on accuracy and relevance of content, quality of instructional design and incorporates client reviews and approvals at each phase, ADL typically prioritises speed over other aspects of the project.

Another important driver for this method is often the desire by organisations to leverage and re-purpose existing learning content, which might include large catalogues of courseware in various formats that need to be updated, rationalised and converted into e-learning using rapid development tools, for example. Successful implementation of ADL also often includes more integrated participation of subject matter experts from within the client organisation.

We sometimes use this approach (or a variation on it) for projects where content is clearly defined and the e-learning output can be constructed around pre-agreed and approved templates.

Development tools
We do not ‘impose’ any particular style of delivery, tool or technology when we design our e-learning. We are able to offer a range of development options and we work with you to select an approach and tools that are most appropriate to your specific requirements – both technical and those of the target audience and their preferred platforms and devices.

We can develop e-learning using all the widely used technologies, protocols and development tools, including popular proprietary applications such as Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline 360, and Lectora, and we use tools like Adapt, Gomo, Evolve, Articulate Rise or our own custom HTML5 framework to build highly interactive, responsive content for multi-device delivery.

In terms of media, we routinely develop content incorporating professionally produced audio, video, infographics, animation, 3D modelling and other rich media assets. Many of our clients also require translation and localisation into multiple languages.

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