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With remote working now an essential tool to keep businesses moving, Walkgrove is offering a new set of Microsoft Office 365 e-learning courses.

Remote working has been on the rise in recent years, but the covid-19 crisis has inevitably accelerated this trend. Now millions of us depend on digital tools for work in order to stay connected, share ideas and keep pace with our projects and plans.

Walkgrove’s new range of IT courses will help learners get the most out of Microsoft Office 365, a leading suite of tools for remote working. Each course comprises between two and four twenty-minute modules that include interactive tutorials, practical exercises and quick tests to check understanding.

Office 365 Basics

Get started with Microsoft Office 365 by understanding its environment and key features

  • Explore the Office 365 apps
  • Get to know the log-in process and settings
  • Learn how to install apps on mobile devices

Basic applications in Office 365

Familiarising employees with how to use Word, Excel and Powerpoint applications in an online environment.

  • Learn the basics of the online Microsoft Office
  • Discover how to create, open and edit a document in Word 365
  • Explore the browser version of Excel, including worksheets, functions and formatting
  • Get to know Powerpoint 365 and how to create and edit presentations
  • Understand how to collaborate on files and documents with colleagues
  • Identify the differences between the online and desktop Office apps.

Virtual Storage and Document Sharing

A how-to introduction to OneDrive and SharePoint online tools for file management and file sharing.

  • Understand how to use OneDrive file storage
  • Identify key OneDrive features for individuals and companies
  • Learn how to manage files and share documents
  • Explore SharePoint websites for file storage and sharing

MS Teams

Employees will learn how to make digital communication between colleagues quick and easy via the MS Teams application.

  • Learn how MS Teams facilitates communication with colleagues
  • Understand how to organise a group chat and set up messaging channels
  • Discover how to host a conference call and use screen-sharing
  • Explore how to use Teams for file-sharing and collaborative working

Notes and email communication

Help employees to manage their emails, schedule and digital notes using Outlook and OneNote.

  • Learn how to optimise work email communications using Outlook 365
  • Get to know the settings and quick actions that make it easy to use Outlook features
  • Learn about Outlook calendar as a tool to create meetings and events
  • Understand key differences between desktop and online Outlook
  • Discover how to make, organise and search notes in OneNote 365

Learn more about the Microsoft courses here or get in touch. 

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