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Create a bespoke training solution using off-the-shelf products with our new Compliance Collections

Now available as part of our off-the-shelf range is a unique multi-year programme of compliance training that can be tailored to your employee needs.

The new Compliance Collections offer a range of novel learning experiences as part of a rolling training programme, helping to maximise learner engagement and promote a long-term culture of compliance.

The collections offer interventions covering key compliance topics: anti-bribery and corruption, information security and data protection.

Below is a run-down of what the bespoke interventions include.

Adaptive learning

You can avoid up to 45 minutes of wasted time per learner with upfront assessments that ensure learners only study their areas of weakness. Follow-up assessments verify competence in all the required areas of compliance study.

Detailed study

The practical Compliance Collection courses are presented in a contemporary style and packed with essential and comprehensive information that individuals need to ensure their compliance with policies and legislation.

Immersive learning

Our Compliance Collections content includes highly interactive scenario-based courses and challenges that test learner decision-making and maximise enjoyment.

Diagnostic assessments

Access individual training needs analysis for each employee, which tests understanding of a compliance topic and provides follow-up targeted learning interventions.


Incorporated into the roll-outs are 5-minute bursts of learning that focus on rapid knowledge gain on specific compliance topics, which can be targeted in response to emerging training needs. These mini-modules are excellent as introductions and reminders about key information and practices.

Communication resources

All of the collections are supported by printed and digital resources that reiterate key messages in the daily work environment.

Compliance Collection benefits

  • Targeting: training and roll-out plans can be adapted to target your particular organisational requirements, identified needs and changing risk levels.
  • Strategy: support your learning strategy with a multi-year roll-out plan.
  • Better retention: Varied delivery, mixed training formats and reinforcement over time promote increased learner engagement, understanding and application of learning.

Do you want to promote a compliance culture at your organisation? Contact us about the Compliance Collections, available this winter 2020.

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