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Promoting mental health awareness.

Walkgrove has been appointed by Mind as exclusive distributor of their mental health awareness e-learning courses.

More than seven in ten employees (71%) have experienced mental health problems in their lives, whilst over one in two (53%) employees are affected by poor mental health in their current workplace.

Walkgrove was commissioned by Mind to design two introductory-level e-learning modules that would improve understanding of workplace mental health issues within organisations of all sizes and sectors. The training courses develop employees’ skills in looking after their own wellbeing and offer line managers simple but effective tools to support their teams.

After receiving encouraging feedback from the initial training roll-out, Mind selected Walkgrove to help promote their mental health awareness e-learning more widely.

Walkgrove believes that the awareness courses are an opportunity for organisations to demonstrate their commitment to employee wellbeing, delivering consistent and positive messages about mental health from a credible and trusted source.

Emma Mamo, Head of Workplace Wellbeing at Mind, said: “It’s important that organisations proactively manage staff wellbeing, but employers don’t necessarily need to put in place costly interventions. Small, inexpensive measures can make a huge difference. Mind’s cost-effective e-learning courses suggest practical actions that can help teams to tackle poor mental health at work and improve wellbeing.”

Learn more about the courses here.

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