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Take 5 microlearning courses – short, sharp and concise bursts of training

For learners who are particularly time-poor or have urgent training needs, Walkgrove’s ‘Take 5’ microlearning modules offer short bursts of easily digestible content on key single topics, achieving practical learning gains in a matter of minutes.


Unless otherwise stated, all Take 5 modules are 5 minutes long.


  • Accountability (GDPR)
  • Avoiding slips and trips
  • Bid suppression
  • Collusive bidding
  • Custom declarations
  • Dangerous goods shipment
  • Detecting and reporting fraud
  • Erasure: the right to be forgotten
  • False invoicing
  • Financial sanctions
  • Gifts and hospitality challenge
  • Is your information secure?
  • Know your customer
  • Leaking bid information
  • Money laundering challenge
  • Modern slavery transparency statements
  • Phishing awareness
  • Preparing for GDPR

Health and safety

  • Avoiding slips and trips – take 5
  • Bomb threat
  • Can you spot the hazard?
  • Checking your vehicle before driving at work
  • Civil unrest
  • DSE – working with dual screens
  • Do you know your safety signs?
  • Don’t get burnt
  • Fire – can you handle it?
  • Identifying stress in your team
  • Medical emergency
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Preparing for your journey
  • Preventing the spread of infection
  • Spinal awareness
  • Suspicious items

Performance management

  • Identifying stress in your team
  • Preventing extremism and radicalisation
  • Unconscious bias

(Take 5 microlearning modules are available individually or, for greater value, if you opt for an Essentials bundle, you get free access to all relevant Take 5 microlearning modules).