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Mental Health affects so many people every day and, without knowing the signs to identify early stages of these issues, is becoming an ever increasing problem, as is being able to deal with those problems and get the right support when needed. Anyone who watches Coronation Street will have been impressed by their sensitive handling of a tragic suicide storyline – but will also have been deeply shocked by the event, given the lack of obvious signs of mental illness.

 Walkgrove has hopefully been able to make a difference by providing both e-learning and classroom based solutions to a range of clients that cover various topics surrounding Mental Health and it is an area we are proud to continue to support.

It is critical that anyone experiencing any mental health related issues at work is identified and supported. We are currently working with a leading Mental Health Charity to create a Mental Health Awareness at Work e-learning course, covering, ‘What do we mean by mental health?, How does it affect us? and How can we care for ourselves and others?

We have also worked alongside South West Yorkshire NHS Foundation Trust to create an award finalist, unique online resource to support health care staff in acquiring skills in dementia care. Portrait of a Life uses individual life stories to capture relevant aspects of a person’s past and present life and uses this to help benefit them in their current situation. This person-centred training provides significant benefits to both the individuals and care providers.

For more information on this project and to hear personal experiences from carers who undertook this training, check out our short clip here: http://www.walkgroveonline.com/POAL/POAL_walkgrove_eln_entry.html

Other initiatives have included the design of numerous blended solutions for the Mental Health Tribunal in Scotland, the Mental Welfare Commission in Scotland and Welsh Government.

It is crucial that we all do our bit in helping raise awareness and support those affected by mental health problems.

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