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The manufacturing industry is integral to the modern economy, employing huge numbers of people

Investment in skills development is vital to secure the future of the industry.

Manufacturing faces intense competition in recruitment of young talent. With access to skilled workers causing a huge barrier to quality, many manufacturers are turning to internal training and offering professional development opportunities to attract and retain employees.

Technology is hugely impacting the sector, from digitalisation in product development and innovation to artificial intelligence in customer experience and automation on the production line. Manufacturing firms must enable workers to use the latest processes, tools and practices, as well as keeping them up to date with legislation on safe, healthy and respectful working environments.

Walkgrove’s experienced learning consultancy helps our clients deliver bespoke digital and blended skills development programmes suitable for the modern workforce. From targeted role-specific learning and personal development pathways to general compliance courses, we develop training solutions that keep our clients ahead of the curve.

Our clients in this sector

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Examples of our work

PepsiCo - Introduction to SwissCo

Essential training on the organisation’s business model

Renold plc - Introduction to Renold

Inspiring showcase of company expertise, culture and history

Crown Packaging – Custom portal

Delivering weld assessment e-learning to weld engineers in manufacturing plants worldwide

Crown Packaging – Technical training

Blended program for technical training covering seaming and welding assessment

Renold – Introduction to Chain

Practical product training for global sales teams