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Few people are born leaders. We can help you to create them

Perhaps it’s true that some people have a better aptitude for managing than others. However, given the time, resources and opportunity, we believe that anyone can perform in management and leadership roles.

We select the best from leadership development theories and apply it to our management training interventions.

Our approach:

  • Encourages independent and reflective self-paced study
  • Provides access to engaging ‘just-in-time’ learning
  • Is responsive and accessible via smartphones and tablets
  • Supports on-the-job mentoring and other blended initiatives

Walkgrove has a broad range of experience in designing performance development training with a focus on management and leadership, including modules on communication skills, influencing, time management, team development and performance management.

We know that great managers are not made overnight, so we will help you build an effective programme that develops leaders of the future.

If you are interested in generic modules, click here to browse our off the shelf courses or download our ReadytoGo Fundamentals pdf.

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Examples of our work

Army Cadet Force - Junior officer

leadership training for volunteers overseeing young cadets

Post Office - People management fundamentals

Large blended programme of e-learning, workshops and digital tools to develop management skills

Carillion – Line manager essentials

People management road map

Civil Service Learning – Strategic thinking

E-learning to raise awareness of the importance of strategic thinking

ECA International – Assignment management

Skills-building for HR teams managing internationally mobile workers

NHS – Effective communication

Effective communication training focused on the patient journey