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Choosing the right platform to deploy your learning

As LMS platforms have proliferated, so has functionality — and this can be dangerous. It can be easy to get lost in feature rich complex software when what you are trying to achieve is relatively simple. Above all our stance is one of pragmatism.

For those organisations who aren’t ready to deploy an enterprise LMS with a price ticket that threatens to eat up an entire department or company’s L&D budget, or who are looking to introduce e-learning as a new initiative and who only want to deliver and track an e-learning module, our custom developed Svelte e-learning deployment system is an ideal starting point.

Walkgrove is also happy to offer independent consultancy to organisations looking for more functionally rich LMS platforms to cater for their needs.

Let’s look at what you are trying to achieve then look at best fit

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Svelte LMS - lightweight, easy to use

SCORM compliant, mobile friendly, configurable LMS platform combining flexibility, functionality and affordability

Astute LXP - personalised, powerful

Easy learner access and simple administration for a wealth of Ready to Go modules

Custom portals - whatever you need

Bringing all your learning and resources together in one place