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Walkgrove is ready to go with our new offering of generic learning modules. Gone are the days of complicated, time consuming, and costly training, as we offer quick, accessible and quality e-learning programmes. The suite includes commonly required training including compliance, performance management and health and safety. 

Using this learning strategy in your company means your employees can access the modules any time, anywhere and from any smart device, which means losing precious time and paying costly travel expenses are things of the past. The microlearning modules offer short bursts of easily digestible content on key single topics, achieving practical learning gains in a matter of minutes. 1Research has found that using e-learning effectively can increase revenue by 26% per employee.

There’s no doubt that employees want to be trained and developed. 273.1% of UK workers express disappointment with the training opportunities they receive.  This is reinforced with 3research showing 40% of employees who receive poor training leave in the first year.

4A recent survey of senior executives, conducted by one of the UK’s leading coaching and mentoring organisations, identified people development as the biggest issue that will impact on the success of businesses in 2018. Recruiting, retaining, and developing employees remain critical elements in moving a company forward. 

This not only highlights the need for providing sufficient training but also underlines the responsibility of employers to ensure their staff feel supported and valued.

Our new, Ready To Go learning ensures you can meet these key objectives.  The modules can fit almost any budget and any SCORM 1.2 compliant Learning Management System or can be hosted via the Astute platform at no extra cost.  

The Astute Learning Management system  can manage, record, monitor and schedule all of your employees’ activities. Each employee’s progress can be tracked and monitored. You can also send automated, customised email reminders, run ad hoc reports and create personalised completion certificates, all cutting down on the need for time consuming administration.

We offer modules covering:

Compliance Download
Health and Safety Download
Performance management Download
Microsoft Office Download
Management skills for junior and aspiring managers     Download

You can pick and mix depending on what your business needs, or our bundle package allows you to have full access to all courses. You can also upload other vendors’ courses or any resources that you have created in-house.

E-learning is growing rapidly because more companies are recognising the benefits and incorporating it into their training strategies. Make learning fun and accessible for your employees, save time and money, stay ahead of your competitors and increase productivity with our Ready to Go Essentials e-learning modules. It’s that simple.

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