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More than one in four business travellers have a negative experience, but many employees are unaware of their organisation’s travel policies or guidance.

We’ve partnered with market leader beTravelwise to offer e-learning courses on safe and stress-free travel that will help your team to avoid preventable risks like petty theft, immigrations issues and upset stomachs.

beTravelwise travel safety e-learning courses equip your employees to plan for trips, stay vigilant for risks and reach safely if things go wrong.

Topics include airport arrivals, hotel safety, food and hygiene, insect bite prevention and travelling with IT equipment.

Short and interactive, beTravelwise learning content includes animated videos, case studies, quick compliance quizzes and handy checklists.

Materials can be customised to reflect your organisation’s brand, priorities and policies.


For more information and a description of each course, please visit our course library page here, and if you’d like to review any of the courses, please get in touch with us.

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