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The telecommunications sector is integral to the global economy and day-to-day modern life, with individuals and businesses dependent on connected devices and wireless communication technology

The sector is experiencing exciting growth and innovation as well as a range of challenges. Telecoms operators must deal with technological disruption and increasing complexity of product offerings, cut-throat competition and keeping up with consumer demands for data, services and ever-faster connections.

Organisations must also focus on developing strong data security measures across networks and throughout their businesses, as customers are extremely sensitised to privacy concerns and regulators legislate tightly in the area of data protection.

In a fast-moving business environment, firms that invest in employee skills development and training are better placed to maximise performance, increase their margins and deliver cutting-edge services and customer care to their customers. Walkgrove works closely with our clients to understand their needs, offering bespoke e-learning and blended learning solutions that facilitate rapid upskilling of teams and more efficient internal operations.

Our clients in this sector

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Examples of our work

Telefónica - Fire safety

Multi-device fire awareness training

Virgin Media - Hemsley Fraser - Discover systems training

Agile development of systems simulations to support blended training on a customer services platform

Dixons – t:app training solution

A blended solution to introduce managers to the t:app workforce management system

Digital Unite – Digital champions essentials

Training advocates for a national digital skills programme

Spectris – Insider dealing

Scenario-based learning to embed best practice handling of insider information

HPD Software – LendScape

Comprehensive systems training for IT superusers