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Let users get to know your digital systems in a safe environment

Using digital technology is a day-to-day requirement in the modern working world and employees need to know how to use your information technology (IT) infrastructure effectively and efficiently. Or perhaps you are selling a software product and need some training to deliver alongside it?

When systems are introduced, upgraded or replaced, Walkgrove can help you let inexperienced users loose on a safe version without compromising the integrity of your live data.

We agree that it is hard to make systems training engaging… but it is not impossible!

Walkgrove believe it is best to show, teach and test the system in context. We create scenarios and challenges that integrate real-world prompts to use the system into a strong narrative, giving the learner an incentive to use the system accurately.

Walkgrove also has experience in developing just-in-time IT learning via logically structured system skills libraries, including, where appropriate,in responsive formats for tablets and smartphones. We extract bite-sized ‘how to’ procedures so users can access them quickly, reminding themselves how to do that all-important task.

We offer a suite of generic Microsoft Office e-learning modules. Click here to browse our off the shelf courses or download our IT pdf.

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Examples of our work

ECA International – Assignment management

Skills-building for HR teams managing internationally mobile workers

ASOS – System training

Multi-profile global systems training

FutureOn – FieldTwin Design Fundamentals

Scalable, bespoke e-learning delivery solution for energy company trainers

Health Management Limited – Network partner portal

Story-based software training for employment assessments

Home Office – i-Manage user training

Document management systems training for Home Office staff, using the ‘show’ and ‘try’ method