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Fully interactive courses covering Microsoft Office and Windows

Walkgrove offers a tailored portfolio of courses that can help learners to understand the basics as well as progress to sophisticated use of Windows and the Microsoft Office suite of products.


These training courses include a series of interactive tutorials based on simulations of the relevant applications, as well as practical exercises and comprehensive testing. Courses are divided into easily digestible lessons of 10-20 minutes each. Multiple language versions are also available for deployment to international learners.

Office 365 Cooperative Tools

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Office 365 basics
  • Basic Applications in Office 365 plans
  • Virtual storage and document sharing
  • Notes and email communication

MS Office interactive courses

  • Interactive course 2016
  • Interactive course 2013
  • Interactive course 2010
  • MS Office Specialist Core

MS Office transition courses

  • Transition course 2016
  • Transition course 2013
  • Transition course 2010
  • MS Windows interactive