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Simplify data, concepts or other information to make the message more memorable

Infographics can take a variety of forms, such as a flowchart, diagram, timeline or illustration and is popular as a print-based and digital informational tool.

Walkgrove’s talented teams of learning and graphic designers are experienced in producing visually stunning and effective infographics to represent a range of learning content. Whatever the chosen design, a well-designed infographic has several key learning benefits:

Audience interest: Infographics are designed to be attractive to look at and grab learner attention. We live in a visual age and the popularity of infographics reflects its interest to modern audiences. Infographics are an appealing way to present information, especially if the audience may otherwise find the topic conceptually difficult, complex, or they lack motivation to engage with it.

Clarity: An infographic will use compelling visual illustrations to show how information is linked, structured and ordered in a way that text-only explanations cannot; making information being delivered to a wide audience, easier to understand and retain.

Efficient communication: Instead of lengthy text-based explanations, infographics get straight to the heart of a topic. Designed to be scanned quickly, they give learners a fast overview of the essential information without wasting any time.

Memorability: By linking important information to striking iconography, fonts, colours and lines, infographics give learners a compelling picture of key learning points that improves their memorability.

Walkgrove’s learning teams are experienced in creating high-quality infographics of all types. In their static format, our infographics are used to provide helpful illustrations for digital e-learning courses, eye-catching posters and training slides and printable aide-memoires for facilitators.

Walkgrove also produces animated infographics as a presentational tool within bespoke e-learning or as a standalone digital resource. Animated infographics can provide added interest for the learner as well as enhance understanding of process directions or informational relationships.

In their most advanced format, we build interactive infographics that allow learners to explore and uncover information step by step. Interacting with elegant graphics adds to learner engagement with the content and enables them to navigate larger amounts of information in an easily digestible manner.