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Building vital skills to help save lives

Delivering humanitarian aid, international development assistance and human rights protection are all laudable initiatives that require a specialist range of knowledge and skills. Walkgrove is a leading training supplier in these life-saving areas of work.

Walkgrove builds robust learning interventions, often in several languages, that prepare global humanitarians for deployment to crisis situations. Our practically-focused bespoke solutions help aid workers to apply emergency response procedures and disaster relief tools.

Using interactive scenarios, realistic activities and clear ‘how-to’ guides, we ensure learners can work effectively to support and monitor the progress of vulnerable populations towards recovery and resilience, whilst responding safely to challenging and insecure environments.

Humanitarian knowledge involves understanding how to navigate the many regulations, safeguards and ethical expectations that are attached to frontline charitable work. Walkgrove uses compassionate and straightforward learning approaches to make relevant standards clear and easy to apply for charity employees and volunteers.

Walkgrove also creates capacity-building e-learning to help mainstream best practice humanitarian, development and human rights tools. Our compelling advocacy and awareness-raising programmes are delivered internationally to a global audience of civil society actors, policy and law-makers, donors and other humanitarian stakeholders.

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Examples of our work

Cash Learning Partnership – Social protection

Developing humanitarian links with social protection systems

Commonwealth Foundation – Citizens’ guide for good governance

Commonwealth Foundation – Citizens’ guide for good governance

International Labour Organization (ILO) – Trade Union self-guided e-learning course

A self-guided e-learning module based on United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) – Duty of care

Interactive and bespoke e-learning utilising branching scenarios to train compliance in the field for global humanitarian workers

Save the Children – Child Rights Programming

Equipping humanitarians with tools for human rights-based interventions

Oxfam - Context

Responsive scenarios for humanitarian workers