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A comprehensive portfolio of health and safety e-learning – approved by RoSPA

Walkgrove’s substantial collection of online health and safety courses has been approved by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.


Companies using Walkgrove’s health and safety courses online will find vital information and training relevant to all types of modern workforce, including office-based, technical and manual roles. Each course supports your team to maintain physical and mental well-being at work and to keep themselves and others safe.

Essential health and safety e-learning topics include handling common workplace hazards, guides for managers, risk assessment and safeguarding. All courses are time-effective; the suite includes quick introductions of 10 minutes as well as more detailed modules of one hour or more for topics that require more comprehensive understanding.

Health and safety

  • Asbestos management
  • Avoiding slips and trips (challenge)
  • Display screen equipment
  • Display screen equipment (challenge)
  • Driving at work
  • Driving at work (challenge)
  • Environmental awareness
  • Fire safety
  • Fire safety (challenge)
  • Food safety (level 2)
  • Food safety (level 3)
  • Hand-arm vibration
  • Hazardous substances
  • Introduction to working safely
  • Introduction to working safely (challenge)
  • Legionella and water safety
  • Managing your personal stress
  • Manual handling
  • Manual handling (challenge)
  • New mothers in the workplace
  • Personal safety
  • Preventing the spread of infection
  • Remote working
  • RIDDOR accident reporting
  • Risk assessment
  • Slips and trips
  • Slips and trips (challenge)
  • Spinal awareness
  • Travel safe
  • Violence and aggression
  • Working at height advanced
  • Working at height essentials
  • Working during pregnancy
  • Your health and safety
  • Your health and safety (challenge)

Risk assessments

  • Display screen equipment
  • Driving at work
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk assessment (challenge)

Manager’s guides

  • Management of contractors
  • Managing stress in your team
  • Managing stress in your team (challenge)
  • Overview of health and safety


  • Introduction to safeguarding
  • Introduction to safeguarding adults
  • Introduction to safeguarding adults and children
  • Introduction to safeguarding children

Emergency response

  • Medical emergency
  • Suspicious items
  • Bomb threat
(Courses are available individually or, for greater value, you can opt for the Health and Safety essentials bundle, which includes all courses plus free access to a range of Health and Safety Take 5 microlearning modules).