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Leading global engineering and design company Semcon offers cutting-edge digital solutions, user-focused technology and technical product information.

Since joining Semcon Group in 2022, the Walkgrove team has been getting to know our fantastic new colleagues in the UK and Europe.

Much of our time together has of course been spent on operational integration and the development of complementary working practices, such as sharing services in digital testing and 3D graphics. But we have also spent time talking about culture and values. This has uncovered some wonderful synergies in shared commitments to business ethics and environmental sustainability.

Walkgrove champions transparency, fairness and basic human decency in our working practices and these have always been core to how we do business. We also recognise the essential role of corporate action in addressing urgent global challenges. For example, we are committed to the United Nations Global Compact, which requires that we promote international human rights and environmental protection.

Most of the corporate world has now learned to “talk the talk” about protecting the environment and human rights, but many of us in the business community still fall short in fulfilling our good intentions. We are therefore delighted to have learned of the depth of Semcon’s commitments to sustainability, which are embedded throughout their business operations. And we wanted to give them some kudos!

Here’s how Semcon “walks the walk”:

  1. Transparency: Semcon acknowledges the existential threat of climate change and is open about the company’s desire to be part of an urgent move to a low-carbon, circular economy. With public commitments to key international environmental campaigns, targets and action initiatives, a dedicated sustainability team, and clear annual reporting, Semcon makes itself accountable to public scrutiny of its environmental credentials.

“We only have one planet and humans need to learn to live within… planetary boundaries.” – Semcon.com

  1. Green services: Semcon’s greatest contribution to a sustainable society is through their customer projects. Semcon develops products and services that put people and planet first. The teams work with customers on green technology, such as renewable energy and electrified transport solutions. Semcon also promotes smarter use of all types of technology via their huge range of product information Through digital tools and improved information, operators, end-users and technicians get the guidance to use products efficiently and service them effectively to prolong product life. Semcon also offers sustainability services including performing climate calculations, supports energy efficiency projects, and delivers digitisation programmes that can, if designed wisely, reduce emissions and resource consumption. Pushing forward to a greener society is therefore an integral part of Semcon’s business.

For companies to succeed in the ongoing climate transition and the shift to a circular economy, we need transformative solutions and new business models. At Semcon we… support our customers to take a holistic approach and set a roadmap for the future.Heidi Östlund, Head of Sustainability at Semcon

  1. Footprint: Semcon is also committed to reducing the environmental impact of its internal operations and strives to incorporate sustainability into its business strategy. The company considers its operations and value chain against key international sustainability frameworks and promotes sustainability via a wide range of charitable and societal engagement activities.
  2. Awareness: Semcon offers digital training that help organisations integrate sustainability in their business through increased awareness and competence in a range of topics such as green technologies, climate and the environment, and sustainable product development. For example, they have recently developed a sustainability e-learning to help IT and technology consultants encourage climate action through their work.

The Walkgrove team looks forward to supporting our environmentally conscious colleagues at Semcon with their sustainability agenda and environmental commitments. Together, we can drive positive change!

Do you want to green your organisation? Ask us about our environmental awareness training.

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