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Whatever their sector, good managers share these traits

Walkgrove’s Ready to Go fundamentals range of bite size e-learning modules is tailored for aspiring and junior managers and team leaders.


Ready to Go fundamentals modules are fast-paced and fun. They are designed to give learners the core skills and behaviours that will help them become successful leaders and managers.

We researched the many and various management and leadership topics to identify what we consider to be the top twenty skills and behaviours that a successful manager must acquire.

Our next challenge was the setting. Most generic online programs relate to an office based situation but, in reality, you could be managing people in a laboratory, on a shop floor, working on a construction site, in a hospital or care home – the possibilities are endless. Our characters, their settings and their tasks are designed NOT to be associated with any particular environment, so that the learner focuses on the skill or behaviour they are learning about, rather than be distracted by an environment that has no resonance with their experience.

Communication fundamentals

This compact collection of learning topics focuses on the basics of developing great communication skills. Learners will understand the key tactics for having difficult conversations and the essentials of positive non-verbal communication, effective listening and rapport-building.

  • Head in the sand?
  • It’s what you don’t say
  • Two ears; one mouth
  • I like talking to you

Influencer fundamentals

This micro-portfolio of short modules will help learners to become great influencers. The topics are designed to support skills development and application in rapport-building, change management and bargaining with confidence.

  • Sway this way
  • Tug of war
  • Seal the deal!

Personal Development fundamentals

This bite-sized collection of high-impact e-learning topics is designed to help learners achieve their potential and realise their aspirations for personal growth. Content includes how to set helpful objectives, techniques for assertiveness, time management and priority-setting.

  • Act SMART
  • Assert yourself
  • Where did the day go?
  • What first?

Management and leadership fundamentals

Short, easy-to-apply modules on the art of great leadership, helping learners to assess and apply beneficial leadership styles, motivate and reward their teams and delegate effectively.

  • A matter of style
  • I prefer the carrot
  • Let Stan do it

Team development fundamentals

These concise e-learning modules help learners get the best out of their team through understanding what is required for successful team development and performance, including effective management of virtual teams.

  • From form to perform
  • Strength far and wide

Great Meetings fundamentals

This compact series of topics has been designed to give managers essential tools for getting the most out of meeting with others at work. Content includes how to apply effective chairing techniques, and the key steps involved in recording careful minutes.

  • Chair in control
  • Minutes matter

Great Presentations fundamentals

Quick wins and key practical tips for delivering excellent presentations are the focus of these bite-sized learning topics. Modules will help learners to prepare an effective presentation as well as achieve a compelling delivery style that engages their audience.

  • Perfect prep
  • On the edge of their seats

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