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Working in partnership with Cycle Confident, Walkgrove is helping Transport for London (TfL) get more Londoners out on their bikes by designing and developing the Capital’s first online Cycle Skills course.

Training is part of TfL and the Mayor’s wider plans for a green and sustainable recovery from Coronavirus. The capital city now wants to transform its centre into an easier place to make active journeys and is encouraging more local trips on foot and by bike.



Basic Cycle Skills training

Walkgrove was commissioned by experienced cycle training providers, Cycle Confident, to design and build four short e-learning modules that would empower and equip more people to cycle in London.

With face-to-face cycle training paused due to the pandemic, TfL needed an impactful and free-to-use online solution to develop both basic skills and confidence.

Tailored to cycling conditions in the Capital, the 20-minute course is designed for people who are either new to cycling or just want to brush up on their skills.

Using content created by Cycle Confident, the bite-size modules include easy-to-follow tips and advice to get everyone ready to ride, illustrated with video footage and helpful animations.


Get ready to ride: tips to get ready for the road, including pre-ride checks to tyre air pressure, brakes and chain, basic control and cycle handling


First time on the road: learning how to start cycling on the road safely and responsibly


On the road again: confidence-boosting tips for anyone looking to return to cycling, including sharing the road and communication with road users


Cycling with children: how to cycle safely in a group with children and others

Rapid deployment

TfL needed a rapid roll-out of green recovery initiatives and the online Cycle Skills course had a suitably ambitious deadline of just 3.5 weeks from conception to delivery.

David Showell, CEO of Cycle Confident, said, “We are delighted to have partnered with Walkgrove on this challenging and important project, which will empower more Londoners to cycle.

Thanks to the combination of Walkgrove’s agility, speed and creativity and our long experience of developing cycle safety training for TfL – we were able to produce quality online learning in a very short timeframe.”

Deployment was also made easier and faster by the use of Walkgrove’s light-touch learning management system, Svelte, as the launch platform for the training.

An instant hit

The newly launched Cycle Skills course has received a promising reception, with 500 learners signing up on the first day and over 2,300 completions in the first week.

TfL Cycle Skills project manager, Vicky Shepherd, offered her “huge thanks for a massive team effort. We are getting lots of positive feedback both internally and externally which is great. The number of people completing the modules show we have a great course and we’re looking forward to seeing new and returning cyclists putting their learning into practice on our streets.”

Fancy heading out on your bike in our nation’s Capital? You can check out all the Cycle Skills modules free of charge here: https://cycle-skillsonline.tfl.gov.uk/  If you complete all four modules, you will be rewarded with a Santander Cycles code which entitles you to a free 24-hour access period with all journeys under 30 minutes included.  

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