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Walkgrove’s newly refreshed range of responsive modules on fundamental management skills cover topics from prioritisation to team development. What makes the collection so impactful? We went behind the scenes with our four cheeky course champions to find out.

Name: Rub Pink
Personal course highlight: Swimming with sharks for the module on delivering great presentations was a thrill. But there are some really wacky scenes in Management Fundamentals – it’s hard to pick a favourite!

Top fundamentals feature: We worked tirelessly to put the “FUN” into fundamental management skills. Thanks to the vibrant and fresh style of the courses, learning to be an effective manager doesn’t have to be a chore!

Name: Caru Blue

Personal course highlight: Mastering the hurdles for our module on difficult conversations. I fell flat on my face about 50 times.

Top fundamentals feature: Even if a gang of clay characters isn’t your idea of fun, never fear – the learning content is top quality and we are confident that it works. The advice and best practice guidance are based on solid user research, tested leadership principles and expert content development.

Name: Pras Green

Personal course highlight: Being shot into outer space for our module on task management was very moving. Seeing our planet as a blue and green blob reminded me of how fragile it is!

Top fundamentals feature: If you’ve got a busy schedule and want easy-to-apply leadership techniques, Management Fundamentals modules are ideal. The courses are all fast-paced, short (10-20 minutes) and can be studied on any device. Learners can put their new practical skills to use immediately.

Name: Auran Orange

Personal course highlight: We all had a very passionate meeting about party balloons that really taught me the value of good minute-taking!

Top fundamentals feature: The modules feel relevant to all aspiring leaders regardless of their sector, because the design is totally neutral with regards to setting, tasks and identity. We’ve worked hard to make sure learners can fully engage with the skills they need to learn without getting distracted.

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