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The global banking sector has regained resilience after the destabilising financial crisis – but this needs to be monitored and maintained continually to meet stress tests and future unknown challenges

Digital transformation, risk management and ethical conduct remain key areas for workforce training and skills development.

The revolution in financial technologies has fundamentally changed how we bank. End-to-end digital transformation continues to be a priority for the sector as innovative new digital technologies are offered to customers and internal systems are integrated and upgraded.

Risk management continues to be of the utmost importance. Within a data-driven industry, financial organisations must maintain watertight cyber security and data management practices.

The banking industry has sought to regain consumer trust in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. Improving standards and ensuring that scrupulous practice is the norm for all employees, has become an ongoing commitment, as well as responding to the evolving patchwork of regulatory regimes.

Walkgrove helps its clients to roll out large-scale internal communication and training initiatives that are tailored to the change management and talent development needs of fast-paced and global workers. Our industry-leading bespoke e-learning delivers compelling brand awareness programmes, familiarises audiences with new systems and enables learners to adopt modernised practices.

Our clients in this sector

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Examples of our work

African Development Bank – Code of Ethics

Practical guidance on ethical conduct

African Development Bank – Disclosure and Access to Information Policy

Simple guide to information disclosure practices

Clearwater International – Customised Svelte LMS

Provision of a multi-tenancy, customised LMS with classroom event booking functionality

ING Direct – Induction

A highly interactive onboarding module incorporating compliance training

NS&I – Finance and procurement

Training for all NS&I staff across the procurement and finance functions

Audit Commission - Audit approach

Training to teach staff principles underpinning the financial statements audit