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Good financial training promotes competitiveness, resilience and ethical practice

Money matters affect us all. Walkgrove helps organisations to develop employees’ financial skills, using imaginative and accessible training designs to prime learners on budgeting, understanding accounts, commercial awareness and managing financial risks.

Inside the banking and financial services sector, there is a need for practical and industry-focused e-learning solutions to confront the transformations of the digital era and comply with evolving financial regulations.

Walkgrove has the expertise to familiarise learners with new financial systems, products and processes. We use realistic simulations of features and functions and immersive learning challenges that get learners up to speed in minutes. Our eye-catching and memorable bespoke e-learning solutions make it easy for learners to do the right thing.

If you are interested in generic modules, click here to browse our off the shelf courses or download our compliance pdf.

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Examples of our work

Audit Commission - Audit approach

Training to teach staff principles underpinning the financial statements audit

American Express - Extraordinary care

Training to improve Amex brand knowledge and customer service skills

Keyteach – Principles of Foreign Exchange

Clear introduction to a technical topic for global finance professionals

Marine Society and Sea Cadets – Managing Unit insurances

An easy-to-follow and practical guide to insurance procedures

Young Money – Teacher Training

Targeted financial education resources

Young Money – The teachable moment

Financial education resources tailored for the Welsh curriculum