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Our evaluation strategy is usually based on the Kirkpatrick model, with Levels 1 and 2 built into the solution and implementation up to Levels 3, 4 and 5 as a costed option. The correct application of this simple, robust and highly regarded model demonstrates clearly the level and nature of learning effectiveness…

The model comprises:

Level 1: Learner reaction – How did the participants feel about the programme?

We will provide a learner questionnaire, with individual reactions and summary, which will provide feedback on all aspects of the programme.  We will also provide a course-by-course report from the trainer highlighting any unresolved issues, hot topics or other follow-up activities.

Level 2: Learning gain – What did the participants learn?

In order to achieve Level 2 evaluation, ie a measurement of learning gain, we would need to incorporate assessment activity or activities into the design of the event.

Level 3: Transference – Did the learner transfer their learning to the workplace?

Confirmation of Level 3 learning (ie did the learner transfer their learning gain and behaviour to the workplace?) requires follow-up, which we would normally undertake via questionnaire and telephone interviews, with optional focus groups.  The results would be recorded and formatted into a Level 3 evaluation report.

Level 4: Impact – Did the learning have a measurable impact on the organisation?

Level 4 evaluation measures impact on the organisation and in order to do this effectively there needs to be robust and measurable KPIs in place.  For example, a call centre might measure the number of calls taken by all operators and by individual operators over a given period of time.

Level 5: Return on investment – did the learning have a mesaurable impact on the bottom line?

Levels 1 to 4 focus on the effectiveness of training events, whereas Level 5 focuses on monetary benefits to the organisation. Level 5 is the hardest evaluation to carry out because it isn’t only training that can influence performance.  It is essential to have Level 4 KPIs and metrics in place in order to progress to Level 5.