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Organisations and governments around the world increasingly recognise the vital importance of a healthy natural environment and are taking up the fight against runaway climate change

The role of the environmental sector is here to stay, with sustainability and decarbonisation becoming an increasing global priority alongside environmental management.

Policies and legislation are constantly evolving in this area. Keeping all relevant team members up-to-date with the environmental regulatory environment is vital, whether for office-based individuals delivering advice or oversight, or field- and lab-based teams involved in hands-on work. The safety and wellbeing of teams working in potentially hazardous environments continues to be a focus for government and environmental management organisations.

Fast-paced technological change is also impacting this sector, with staff requiring upskilling on newly digitised processes and techniques for environmental management.

Whether employees need sophisticated simulations to learn about new tools and processes, or a clear compliance course to ensure safe working, Walkgrove’s industry-leading e-learning team offers our clients bespoke solutions that deliver return on investment.

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Examples of our work

Environment Agency – Hydroecology

Introducing learners to a key area of water resource management

Environment Agency – Multifunctional reporting

E-learning for Analysis and Reporting staff to respond to queries about the environment

Environment Agency – Water environment management

Water environment management e-learning

Environment Agency – Data protection

Data protection training