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Inspiring training audiences to protect our home, planet earth

We all recognise that human activities have an impact on our environment. Scientific evidence of environmental degradation and a climate emergency has promoted a sea change in attitudes and there are now clear financial, reputational and moral imperatives for environmental protection.

Behavioural initiatives and environmentally-friendly changes are happening in all sectors and Walkgrove has supported clients with inspiring and empowering environmental awareness-raising. From energy efficiency to waste reduction and pollution control, our compelling and colourful learning solutions can motivate diverse learning audiences to pursue sustainable practices.

In many industries, following environmental policies and procedures are an important compliance issue or integral to brand identity. Practical training that gives relevant and memorable guidance is important to empower all employees to implement green measures. Walkgrove is also experienced in creating targeted interventions for specialist staff, helping them to develop the technical skills needed for environmental monitoring, investigation or reporting.

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Examples of our work

Environment Agency - Incident management

Blended learning programme covering key competencies in incident management

Heathrow Airport - Sustainability

Light-touch learning to embed sustainability strategy

Transport for London – LoCITY Driving

Game-based training to drive greener fleets

Homes & Communities Agency – Carbon management

Two-hour blended programme covering carbon management, delivered to 10,000 learners

United Utilities – Water network

A fun induction into water and wastewater services

Yorkshire Water – Collaborate

Environmental awareness-raising to promote behavioural change