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While the world continues to demand ever more power, the energy sector is undergoing a massive transformation

Effective learning and skills programmes are integral to firms meeting 21st century challenges.

Technological advancements have created new ways of producing, delivering and consuming energy, with sources of ‘green’ energies and self-generation experiencing growth and a rise in smart technology. Employees must be trained to use the latest tools, techniques and processes.

Customer expectations for involvement with energy consumption and supply have also changed and become more sophisticated, demanding that staff are equipped to deliver a more collaborative and interactive customer relationship to set and maintain excellent standards of customer care.

Alongside adapting to these powerful shifts, energy and utilities companies must continue to deliver reliable and affordable energy whilst complying with standards of safety and business practice required by regulatory regimes.

Walkgrove helps its clients develop both practical and interpersonal skills through innovative and interactive bespoke e-learning. We are leaders in global learning; helping clients deliver effective and motivational training to a diverse and highly distributed international learning audience.

Our clients in this sector

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Examples of our work

BG Group – Insider dealing

Compliance e-learning module delivered globally in multiple languages

National Grid – Disability awareness

Disability awareness training delivered through role-based, bite-size case studies

National Grid – Gas main repair, renewal and modification assessment

Self-diagnostic, scenario-based training and assessment

United Utilities – Water network

A fun induction into water and wastewater services

United Utilities – Manual handing

Manual handling training using bespoke graphics and animations