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We give modern educators the tools to wow their learning audiences

Digital technology has created fantastic opportunities to expand and augment learning delivery. From online video tutorials to bite-size ‘how-to’ applications, more people than ever are choosing digital learning in their quest for knowledge and skills.

Walkgrove has years of experience helping trainers to build digital tools that enhance learner experiences and meet the expectations of modern users. We have created bespoke designs suitable for all ages and stages, including early years delivery up to adult education.

From comprehensive digital learning suites and immersive simulations to bite-size learning modules, our design teams build outstanding learning resources that replace face-to-face training or add the ‘wow’ factor to a blended training programme.

We offer our clients holistic expertise as a learning consultancy and can assist at all stages of the learning development process, including assessing training needs, formulating strategy and designing learning pathways.

Walkgrove is also a capacity-builder in the area of training and education. We teach partner organisations to use market-leading e-learning development tools so that they can create their own online learning banks. We also produce bespoke train the trainer packages, helping educators to develop subject-matter knowledge and delivery know-how.

If you are interested in generic modules, click here to browse our off the shelf courses or download our performance management pdf.

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Examples of our work

AQA - Statistics for awarding

Course for grade setting committee member to understand how statistical information is used in grade awarding 

Pearson - Systems training

Highly engaging systems training indroducing the Always Learning Gateway to learners

Asset Wisdom

Asset Wisdom – Asset Management

Development of a suite of online modules which deliver the knowledge elements for diploma-level asset management

Education Support – What’s on your plate?

Reflective skills to support teacher wellbeing

Queensland TAFE

Online design services for TAFE courses
Asset Wisdom

OCR – Science practicals

Teacher training for practical student science assessments