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Help staff to deal with common risks while travelling or at work

More than one in four people travelling for work 1have a negative experience. Yet despite the stress caused by common travel mishaps such as 2petty crime, traffic accidents or food poisoning, nearly 3half of business travellers are unaware of company policies or advice about avoiding travel risks.

Designed by Walkgrove Ltd for risk management experts beTravelwise, our range of travel safety and security awareness courses will help to keep your staff safe wherever they may be working.

The travel safety and workplace security training prepares staff for possible risks they may face, from airport arrivals and hotel safety to tropical diseases, natural disasters, theft and violent incidents. The range includes media-rich e-learning and short animated videos, featuring memorable advice and realistic scenarios.

Training materials can also be customised to reflect your own policies and branding.

It’s easy to deploy content from your own learning management system, or you can access a simple training platform as part of the package.

Travel Wise 

A travel safety foundation course which covers essential risk management topics for travelling to all destinations, including preparation and safe responses to any incidents.

Incident Wise 

For employees being sent to high risk (security) destinations. How to avoid becoming caught up in a serious/violent incident or natural disaster and how to react safely. Topics include serious crime, kidnap, terrorist activities, natural disasters, social unrest and facilitation payments.

Road Wise

A course offering road safety advice for all travellers, of particular relevance to people who will be self-driving, travelling to the developing world or heading to a remote location.

Health Wise 

This course offers practical and expert medical advice about dealing with the main health risks for business travellers, including malaria.

My Travel Wise

A module that helps learners to consider their personal risk, including risks related to gender, sexuality or race.  

Workplace Security and Life Safety

The course is designed to ensure all employees are prepared, aware and ready to mitigate and/or respond to reasonable risks in and outside of the workplace. You can pick and choose your specific topics, but the core course covers: security structure and support, situational awareness, access control, natural disasters, fire, medical situations, public disorder, terrorism, travel security, reporting and incident Management.

Workplace Violence Prevention

The purpose of this course is to inform employees of their company’s policies relating to prohibition against workplace violence and to explain the process for reporting incidents, or making complaints about behavior which may violate this policy. 

Animated videos

Bite-size animations on single risk topics to improve travel safety and security awareness, such as airport arrivals, food and hygiene, travelling with IT, and terrorist incidents.

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