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Things worked out a little bit differently for me on my first day at Walkgrove – in fact, I didn’t actually step foot in the office. Nope, my first day was a client meeting in London to talk through content for the first course I’d be working on as an Instructional Designer at the company. (At my last job, the induction process took a full 2 weeks. It’s safe to say, this was a step up.)

I was prepared to hit the ground running when I accepted the job, as the position drew from the foundation of ID knowledge I’d gained over the past few years at another company. That being said, it was daunting to think that I’d be meeting the project manager I’d be working with for the first time ever on a train, en route to the meeting; that the meeting would be with 6 senior stakeholders across the client’s business; and that I’d be expected to take the lead on the structure and content sections of said meeting’s agenda – all before I’d even seen my desk.

Setting my apprehensions aside, the meeting went smoothly, we got what we needed to make a decent start, and I had a wonderful colleague at my side who did everything she could to make sure I felt confident in my contributions the entire time. Skip forward a few months, we’re well into production and making great progress – all established from that initial meeting.

Since that first day, I can honestly say my colleagues at Walkgrove have been nothing but welcoming and supportive, answering any questions I’ve had and going out of their way to make sure I feel like part of the team. I’ve felt trusted since day 1 to take the reins and do what I think is right for whatever I’m working on. This has helped me settle in quickly and find my feet within the short time I’ve been here.

Sure, my first day was a step off the deep end – but that’s the best way to challenge yourself and see just how capable you are of swimming!

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