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The changing nature and growing complexity of 21st century conflict and international threats demand a highly agile and flexible response from the military

The sector requires a sophisticated and strategic learning development approach to address modern challenges.

Military teams must be equipped to use the latest technology, systems and processes. Workers within the forces must maintain the highest standards of conduct, reflecting at all times the disciplined culture and strong ethics of the military. Learning in all these vital areas must be possible and effective even when the audience is dispersed, on the move or in areas with limited technical infrastructure.

Recruitment remains a critical issue for the armed forces and excellent professional development opportunities are vital to attract and maintain talent and grow exceptional leaders for the future.

Walkgrove is a leading provider of specialist and bespoke e-learning with the expertise to develop responsive, creative and flexible learning tools suitable for military learners. We keep mobile teams up to date with the latest systems and practices, regardless of their technical infrastructure or location.

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Army Cadet Force – Junior officer

leadership training for volunteers overseeing young cadets

Providing a high volume development service

High volume, tight timeline development project for one of the UK’s top e-learning agencies