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Strong procurement and contract management practices are a vital business tool

Procurement and contract teams are an essential function in any organisation that wants to create value, manage spending and mitigate risks.

Walkgrove is experienced in providing specialist procurement and contracts training for both private and public sector organisations. We can rapidly upskill learners on the key principles of best practice procurement, deliver in-depth technical know-how about contracts and tenders, or develop negotiation skills.

Walkgrove’s learning modules use eye-catching presentation design, realistic case studies and rich visual aids to get learner buy-in and make procurement procedures easy to follow and digest.

Sophisticated simulated systems exercises and worked examples help learners understand how to use particular procurement or contract tools and effective assessments evaluate how well they can apply their learning.

If you are interested in generic modules, click here to browse our off the shelf courses or download our compliance pdf.

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Examples of our work

Telefónica – Contract Law

Compliance training responsive to learner roles and knowledge

Universities UK – Student accommodation code

Helpful modules to embed best practice in accommodation management

BG Group - Contracts and procurement

BG certified contracts and procurement training, focusing on why rather than how

PepsiCo – Introduction to SwissCo

Essential training on the organisation’s business model

Maximus – Minimum service levels

Helping teams in employment services to maintain performance standards

BG Group - Fraud risk management

Role-specific e-learning on key fraud prevention skills