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Supporting you and your L&D team

Plugging your gaps

Even the best-equipped learning and development teams can use a helping hand from time to time. Working in partnership with our clients, Walkgrove’s learning experts can offer support at any stage of the L&D process and plug your most critical gaps. From consultancy and training needs assessments to practical help with building storyboarded e-learning or translating existing courses, we can assist with design, development or delivery.

Training your team

Do you want to develop your team so they can build excellent e-learning? Walkgrove can help to build e-learning design capacity in your organisation through online workshops or bespoke face-to-face sessions we can offer training in best practice principles of instructional design or e-learning project management, as well as in key e-learning tools. Whatever your development needs, we will work alongside you to transfer bespoke digital training design skills to your staff. 

L&D strategy

The most effective workforce training schemes are aligned with organisational goals. Walkgrove can support you to develop a holistic learning and development strategy that ensures your skills programme matches the competencies you need for the organisation to be successful and sustainable. Our expert L&D consultants will consider learner needs as well as business objectives, so that you can be sure that training provision will contribute to better talent development, job satisfaction and employee retention.

Competency design

Competency design helps an organisation to consistently select the right candidates, develop their employees in a successful direction and accurately evaluate performance. Walkgrove’s learning consultancy team can build a robust competency framework for your organisation, working with you to identify the key behaviours that individuals need in order to achieve in their roles. Our skilled team will use a rigorous and systematic process to deliver a long-lasting competency framework that will be easy to understand and implement across your workplace.

Evaluation and ROI

Our evaluation strategy is usually based on the Kirkpatrick model, with Levels 1 and 2 built into the solution and implementation up to Levels 3, 4 and 5 as a costed option. The correct application of this simple, robust and highly regarded model demonstrates clearly the level and nature of learning effectiveness...  

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Training needs analysis

Walkgrove is equipped to carry out TNAs at organisational, occupational or individual level. If you know the overall objectives of an organisation and the profiles, jobs and tasks of the staff who run it, it becomes possible to tailor training activities to the needs of an organisation in addition to the needs of the staff...     

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