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By putting out a Request for Proposal (RfP) for e-learning, you have an opportunity to get potential suppliers to come to you with their solutions. But if your RfP doesn’t include the right details, you might find that one organisation offers a high-spec solution with a price to match, while another suggests a cost-effective but pedestrian design – even though your ideal is somewhere in the middle. Which is a better supplier for you? When you’re comparing apples with oranges (or frogs) it’s almost impossible to judge. Our white paper explains how to write a great RfP which enables you to compare apples with apples. It covers:

  • What you need to think about and who you need to consult before you write your RfP
  • What potential suppliers need to know to provide an effective response
  • How to structure your RfP for completeness and clarity
  • How to deal with questionsHow to evaluate the responses fairly


You can also view the webinar hereor download the slides here

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