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We are proud of the relationships we have built with our clients. This is what a few of them had to say about us!

“We’re absolutely delighted with it and are very grateful for all your amazing work!”
“Thank you very much for a job well done… taking the brief and delivering something which was spot on.”
“[D]elighted with the end product… [It was our f]irst time developing an e-learning course and patience in explaining, setting up and then answering many questions… was much appreciated. Impressed by the vision of the design team in presenting the content.”
“I wanted to restate it has been a great relationship we have had and we need to continue in the future our relationship with new projects. This is all based on the very positive feedback I have had and interactions I have experienced. Great content has come out of our partnership. Thank you again for reaching out and gaining our feedback.”
“Very creative ideas and ways of bringing the content to life… Always listening to our feedback…Thank you to everyone at Walkgrove – we’re delighted with the end product and already receiving excellent feedback from our initial users.”
“We feel incredibly lucky being told about Walkgrove in the first place, enjoyed our working with you enormously and love what you have produced.”
“Walkgrove worked extremely hard to help [Arup] deliver a range of extremely high quality training materials…. I particularly appreciated the flexibility displayed by the entire Walkgrove team working irregular hours to hit some challenging programme deadlines but without sacrificing quality.”
“Thank you so much for the course, we’re really happy with it and we were amazed at how quick you guys are!”
“I cannot recommend Walkgrove more highly… Learners recorded a very high level of satisfaction rate with the courses, and they were always delivered exactly on time and with the greatest thoughtfulness, flexibility and skill.”
“The FORS team is delighted at the way fleet operators have embraced this learning. To date, 9,500 have attended the Safe Urban Driving workshop with its practical element of getting drivers out on bicycles to experience London’s roads from a cyclist’s perspective and 528 have undertaken the e-learning since it was launched at the end of January 2014.”
“I found Walkgrove to be very professional and extremely easy to work with … sensitive to the needs of our organisation and brand values and receptive to our ideas and suggestions… Walkgrove have delivered as they promised and I have been pleased and impressed with the standard of design and quality of service we have received.”
“Walkgrove have been fantastic at helping us, at ASOS, bring our systems training into the 21st century and guiding us to deliver it in a way that fits our brand identity. E-learning has been well received by the teams and will now form a large part of our training programme going forward. Walkgrove have met challenging targets we have set but remained a pleasure to work with throughout and we look forward to building on our relationship in the future.”
“I have to say, Emirates are extremely pleased with your services and I would like to thank you for absorbing the cost over-runs.”
“Thank you so much for doing such an outstanding job on this project for Virgin Media – the client is obviously delighted and the feedback on the call was amazing!”

“Please also pass my thanks on to the team. I’m sure this will lead to more and more work!”

“Couldn’t have wished for any other partner for our first e-Learning development project: patient, friendly yet professional, accommodating and supportive. This experience gave us a very good understanding of the resources needed for any e-Learning development and we can dive into bigger projects now with a greater confidence. Would definitely recommend Walkgrove to others and would gladly work with the team again in the future.”
“Very happy with the final output. Any issues/changes were always actioned and nothing was missed. One of the modules required revisions late in the development process and they were handled quickly and effectively by the development team.”
“I thought this was excellent. I didn’t even realise that I spent an hour doing this because I was so engrossed in it. This really opened my eyes. I didn’t know most of these things. I didn’t know that I had any rights, especially about appealing wrong decisions.”
“Impressed from day 1…dealt well with content to make it relevant to own and others’ experiences”.
“I would recommend Walkgrove as a prospective partner. Their strengths include being flexible in approach, project managing initiatives well, responsiveness to changes in deadlines and changes in priorities, and having trainers who are well briefed in their subject areas.”
“I’m really impressed with the quality of this e-learning. The messages are clear, it’s easy to use – just what I envisaged at the start. Thanks!”
“I would not hesitate to use Walkgrove again for any future e-learning projects we may have. They provided consistently good service, always with a focus on us as the customer and gained a really good understanding of our culture which was shown in the final product that was delivered. They have always dealt efficiently with any subsequent questions and development and I consider us to have a very good on-going working relationship.”
“I was at a JCP lessons learned workshop yesterday and the feedback from JCP on the e-learning was that many agents thought it was the best they had ever gone through, both in terms of the package/interface and how well it mirrored live. So many thanks and congratulations on a job well done!”
“It is to the huge credit of Walkgrove that they have taken on this unique training with all its difficulties. They have employed techniques which required members to take responsibility for their own learning by active participation. That exercise has resulted in members becoming mutually supportive. Not only have they learned a great deal but they have developed an esprit de corps. The training programme has been extremely successful and other agencies view it with respect and admiration. I now consider that against all the odds, in a very short space of time, I have acquired three hundred members who are competent, confident and desperately anxious to deliver a service that is worthy of the commitment which our society has made to a very vulnerable group within it”.
“I am quite delighted and I think the program is going to be a credit to both the CITB and to Walkgrove. Some of the cartoons and illustrations are quite magnificent and anyone who works through just one module of it would have a good understanding of the issues involved.”
“I recently completed the online course and it really made me think about how this fits with our values and that we are having a strong impact and demonstrating leadership through our approach.”
“Working with Walkgrove was a great experience – we were very happy with the content, process and staff.”