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Financial education resources tailored for the Welsh curriculum


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Walkgrove delivered a practical digital training resource for educators in Wales about the teaching of money management skills in school.

The training need

Young Money, as part of national charity Young Enterprise, equips young people to succeed with knowledge and work skills, including offering guidance about how to successfully earn and manage money.

After launching a successful partnership with Walkgrove to develop a suite of digital teacher training modules, Young Money commissioned a tailored version of financial education training for teachers in Wales, in partnership with The Money and Pensions Service (MaPS).

Young Money provides educators with advice and resources for financial education in schools, and the charity wanted to develop a training course for teachers of 9-12-year-olds that was specific to the Welsh curriculum.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove delivered a creative bespoke course of five modules on financial education delivery for Welsh teachers. The well-structured content offers educators tools and techniques to provide children with effective, engaging financial education. The course explains the reason behind financial education, explores the concept of financial capability, introduces how financial education can work in the curriculum, and offers practical delivery resources.

Throughout the learning, teachers are asked a series of questions for them to reflect on their own practice, as well as to articulate their ideas about how to incorporate the learning into their teaching setting. Educators are invited to develop their own action plan, so they can save their thoughts and intentions for delivering financial education.

For full applicability in the Welsh context, the course was deployed in English and also translated into Welsh.

The online course is being deployed using a customised version of Walkgrove’s SCORM-compliant, lightweight learning management platform, Svelte. This allows key stakeholders to track learner completion and seek feedback.